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Give 'em Hell!

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28 August
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M o v i e s/ V i d e o g a m e s/ T V
Favorite movies:
Harry Potter films, Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Lion King (fav. disney movie since I was a kid), any Pixar film, Hayao Miyazaki films, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Serendipity, Silent Hill, Shaun of the Dead, Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, V for Vendetta, My Cousin Vinny, The Dark Knight, Sherlock Holmes, the Holiday, the Nightmare Before Christmas, Iron Man, etc.
Favorite videogames:
My favorite system has to be the Nintendo DS - games like Zelda, Phoenix Wright, and Professor Layton are awesome. Other than that, my favorites include Resident Evil 4 (and 5, but I love 4 a lot more), the Fatal Frame series (wishes she could get her hands on FF4 already), Twilight Princess, Smash Bros Brawl, etc.
Favorite TV shows: I don't watch tv much to be honest, but the shows I watch , I do love very much. Supernatural is at the top right now - as you can probably tell, haha. My other favorites are Ghost Hunters and Heroes. I also love watching the Food Network - I love cooking! Discovery channel's 'A Haunting' is a pretty entertaining watch every now and then too.
O t h e r R a n d o m S t u f f
I love drawing and creating graphics in Photoshop. I love Rock music, especially Classic Rock, but I'll listen to just about anything, except rap and such. I have 3 pets, 2 cats, 1 dog. Wolves = favorite animal. Apple products = love; Macs+iPod <3.
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